Ready for a Whole New Look!

Squee! I’m excited. Do you want to know WHY I’m excited?

Because I’ve done something totally crazy and, I feel, totally warranted.

I’ve revamped my book covers for the Promise Me series.

The new series covers will be better suited for the their genre. Edgy, contemporary, eye-catching with contrasting colors and sexier couples. What more could anyone ask for?

With Love Me coming out at the end of July (pre-order HERE), I decided these fabulous romances needed a boost. A re-imagining! A whole new look for summer (consider it like a haircut but better!)

Get ready to dive into the heady days of summer with an awesome new contemporary romance.

Finn is a bad boy with a bad reputation, and River is determined to keep him in line.

Travel back to the mountains of Heartwood in this steamy, small-town contemporary romance.

River Shayne has been in Heartwood for exactly six months and has already caught the eye of a very special someone, Mayor Weston Brown. Their relationship is steady until gossip turns them on their heads. Popular opinion in the community shows that people have not taken kindly to River. Not her inherent clumsiness. Not her relationship with the mayor. Definitely not the accident where she accidentally set the drapes on fire.

Her image needs a makeover, and quick.

Deciding to volunteer at a local rehab house, River makes the acquaintance of Finn Price, bedridden bad boy with two broken legs and a chip on his shoulder the size of Europe. As the two begin to chat, sparks fly. There’s something about Finn that goes beyond his rough-and-tough exterior, and River is thinking she may want to remove herself from the public eye, for good. Should she do as her mother suggests and stay with a good, steady man? Or take a chance on something more?


What do you think of the new cover?!

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