Post Launch Day Jitters

First of all, I would like to extend a hearty WELCOME to everyone who has liked and subscribed to this page.


It’s because of wonderful people like you that I get to write about what I love. That I get to share my ideas with the world. You are all the reason I create, so thank you!

Launch day went well for my third novel, Kiss Me. Especially seeing as how I closed my eyes, put my hands over my face, and sent it out into the world without looking or thinking twice.

Launch day saw me not only coming down with a bad case of jitters–think rabid butterflies attacking one another in my gut–but a head cold. As such I stayed under the radar for the last few days, just thinking good thoughts and hoping my baby did well. What’s a manuscript if not a baby? You nurture it from an idea into adulthood when you type your final two words…The End.

My baby has been well received, and it warms my sickly little heart.

Of course, the work isn’t done yet! There are so many more to come. So many things to put on paper (or in this case, a Word document on a computer screen). The tiny mountain town of Heartwood has much to offer.

There are not just characters in my head waiting to get out. I want to hear from you. The readers, the hopeless romantics. What characters or scenarios would you like to see come to Heartwood?

Please let me know, and thank you again!


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