We March in Time

Time may not stand still,

nor do I want it to.

I see the growth,

the change,

and know it’s necessary.

It’s necessary for us all so we can live.

Is there life without time?

Does time exist without life?

A question to ponder while we watch them both

pass by.

Sitting one day, standing the next,

and then we sit again.

Though I do wish…

I wish for pause.

A moment to pause and capture the moment.

To appreciate the time apart from time.

Without the march.

I wish this for you.

Always for you.

An affection outside of time and unaffected by the march.

So here I stop to take the pause.

Hold it greedily to my breast.

And cherish this life.


For this little dude who is too darn cute for his own good tonight. And every night. Can we say spoiled?



  1. Really liked your “we March in time” poem. Gets me thinking. Time stops for no man.

    How have you been? You certainly have been busy writing wonderful poems and stories. Keep in touch. Aunt diane

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