Has March Come in Like a Lion?

Happy March!
“March winds and April showers bring forth May Flowers”

I hope everyone is having a lovely month so far. I must say, I’m a little disappointed with the weather. It’s still winter, isn’t it? Where is the snow!
With winter storm Stella about to decimate the Northeast, I can’t help but feel jealous. I know, it’s strange. Being jealous of snow.
But think about those lovely winter days, with the silence and the snowflakes and the world covered in a blanket of blue and white. I enjoy those times.
I think the rest of the state is ready for spring!
With spring comes a wealth of opportunities. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. It’s the season of birth and renewal. Time to put on my big boy pants get to work. If the season teaches us anything it’s to be ready to take on challenges and embrace our opportunities!
With my latest small-town contemporary available for pre order, I’ve been hard at work finishing the last installment of the Promise Me series. This is a bittersweet moment for me. It is the end of a set, certainly, and that carries a certain sadness. The series may be over, but a world is born. A world based on the tiny town where I live and morphed into the beautiful scenic Heartwood.
The Heartwood Narratives are here.
With the final installment, Love Me, scheduled for release in June, a new set of stories and heroines are ready to step out into the sunlight. Get ready to read about bakers and artists and wind chime makers!
May everyone have a safe and satisfying week.
Read below for a sneak preview of Kiss Me, out March 31st!

“You didn’t get lost along the way,” I remarked the moment I stepped from the car.
Cold night air brought my nipples to peaks and they strained against the fabric of my shirt in an automatic response I knew Kai could see.
“A five-minute drive with a goal in mind?” he answered. “I wasn’t going anywhere.”
My heart began to beat a furious tattoo. I felt it in my wrists, my throat, lower pulse points I couldn’t mention.
“Good. Then let’s go.”
We fell into the apartment together with lips locked, tongues crossed, and a power struggle. I wanted to see who would get the other’s clothes off the fastest. I was winning. His jacket fell to the floor followed by the flannel and underlying t-shirt.
The kisses were fast and slick. Kai gave me no time to think or fine-tune my game plan. His arms were around me in one swift move and the pressure of his hand brought me closer until we molded together.
The intimacy of the moment sent a zing of heat from my spinning head down south. His mouth took possession, demanding and insistent, and a shimmering wave of lust started in my toes and rose until it met the zing somewhere in the middle.
Stunned pleasure hummed along the plains of my arms and I opened my mouth in welcome, needing more. Wanting more. Eventually I summoned the will to lift my arms, circling his neck seconds before my knees threatened to buckle.
Kai trailed a line down my neck to my collar bone before settling above my breast. He pressed his teeth against my skin. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered.
Hot damn.
With a single look, a single word, I was aroused. My chest rose and fell in quick succession. My pulse increased. Blood woke. I managed to nudge the door closed, the living room small and neat with my personal touches littered across the space. The scent of burned food lingered in the air from the lasagna I’d tried to make and came up unsuccessful.
“Nice place,” Kai managed on an exhale, kicking his pants aside until he stood before me in full naked glory. Where had the underwear gone? Why hadn’t I noticed the departure?
“You can see it later. Remind me to give you the grand tour.” I kept the lights off and leaned into him. The cold brought color to his cheeks visible in the darkness. “Right now, there are more pressing matters to tackle.”
Kai grabbed the back of my coat and yanked me closer. “I know.”

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