Will Small-Town Contemporaries Ever Rule the World?

I like to think so! Often writers struggle trying to find a subject that clicks. All the advice in the world can say to “write what you know” or “write what makes you happy” or “write about a subject you know will make you money.”

What if we start a little closer to home? What if we combine all three?

I came up with the idea for my self-published series at the RWA conference in San Diego this past July. After all, I live in a town with a single stoplight. Just one. In the entire county. Sound bizarre, right? However many tens or hundreds of thousands of people and a single stoplight to patrol them all. It may seem strange, but this is reality for the denizens of this tiny hamlet nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I made this one mechanical wonder the focus of my writing. Introducing new characters to the places I already know and love (with some tweaking, of course). A way to write about what I know, what makes me happy, and maybe, must maybe, capture the elusive dollar bills.

Although that’s not why I do what I do.

The newest release in my small-town contemporary series, the Promise Me series, is now up and running on all major website. Apple, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, you name it.

However, I would like some feedback.

Who would like to receive a free *FREE* copy of this steamy romance? I’m happy to send it out and make new connections and friends in the process. And yes, every author loves news reviews, although I’ll tell you now it is neither necessary to grab this book or required. Just comment below or send me a message and this romance can be yours. Ready for a mix of sweet and heat that will knock your socks off? I have it right here!

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