More than Anything


At the end of the day

What makes you happy?

Is it a ladybug falling on your hand

And the ensuing sweetness of a wish?

How about a good book and a cup of coffee?

That always does it for me.

Perhaps it’s taking the reins of fate

And living life the way you want

With everyone falling in your shadow.

Well, now, I’m not sure of it.

Fate can be a fickle mistress

But to each their own.

Perhaps walking in nature does it for you

Or enjoying the bliss of an argument.

Watching drama unfold and

Knowing you can stay pristine,


Far away from grit or guile.

Okay, I may be getting warmer.

Some people enjoy listening to the sounds of the ocean

As they beat against the store in a continuous

Push and pull.

Some prefer to give and others take.

Take others by the hand to show them,

Prove to them

You know best.

Helping people is a great power

Until it becomes about the giver instead of the receivers.

You do this because it makes you feel better

Not because it makes others feel better.

Hmm, I’m on the right path here.

Being the benefactor.

Mother knows best.

Like I said, at the end of the day, it’s about what makes you happy.

Isn’t that convenient?

Photographer: Aneta Ivanova

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