Love Letter

I was inspired, in my infinite internet surfing, by none other than a Pinterest prompt. It read, simply, “write a farewell note to the love of your life without using the word ‘love.'”

Ok, challenge accepted.

Here is my best FICTIONAL attempt. It’s best to remember to take everything with a grain of salt.



Dear You,

I didn’t want it to end this way. The swelling in my heart, the quickening of my breath; I never assumed these were precursors to the finale. The final curtain call of ‘us.’ My soul recognized you and knew your warmth. Unfortunately, this time around, we were not meant to be.

Still you sucked me in, with your charm and your smile, the charisma hidden deep beneath the gruff exterior. The glint of lust in your eye. You told me no, yet I heard yes. You told me never again, yet moonlight played on your face night after night. Our bodies mingled and I dared to hope.

I asked for an answer and you provided.

There are times we don’t want to hear the truth. And other times when we beg for an answer, when you give up on someone, and they lack the decency to respond. I would have followed you to the ends of the earth and beyond. Given anything and everything you asked, demanded, desired. Instead I swallow my pride to let you know, goodbye. Farewell for the last time. The only time that matters.

I’m tired, a woman who has seen too much, chosen too many wrong turns that I thought lead to you, yet none did.

I wanted you to be different with me. Kinder than you were to others, gentler than you were to the other women. Perhaps with me you could be transformed, resolve your ugly parts and the broken pieces you grip so tight. I hoped for the day you would release your sorrow.

We could have been beautiful together.

Now I stand alone, without you by my side. I am dedicated to myself and no other, through with waiting for you to find your way back to me, done with patience and forgiveness.

Instead I am left with nothing but memories. They are beautiful pictures of our time together, pictures I refuse to taint with the reality of our demise.

Sweetheart, despite our distance, your relationship bright and shiny and new, I saw the man inside. The man I dreamed of. And now I see, despite everything, you were simply unable to be that man with me. No amount of wishing will change you, despite the hopes I send skyward. Honestly? I would not want you to change.

I’ll remember you when I close my eyes. Maybe when I sleep I’ll see you there and we can be together again.  I can recall the parts of you I adored, the not so shiny parts, and the parts of me I wish we could have explored.

And so, adieu, my darling. I will forever treasure our time together. Know the feelings I have were, are, genuine. Treasure my surrender, as no other man shall have it in the same way.

With a heavy heart,



So, how would you word this letter? What things would you say, or one of your characters, as a farewell to your lost love? Post comments BELOW! 🙂


Artist Unknown


  1. Amazing! Glad you got BICHOK 😉 because this is awesome! Really got the voice down pat and I can feel the aching sorrow, so you gotta incorporate this into your next piece!

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