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The first in the Promise Me short story series, Hold Me sets the stage for awkward remembrances and unwelcome revisiting.

Isabel Cook had a hard time accepting her homecoming. Moving from California back to rural Virginia gave her pride quite a kick in the pants. Accompanied by her fiancé, she makes the transition just in time for her fifteen-year reunion where she encounters and reconnects with her old childhood friend, August McKinney.

The event is bittersweet, as August reminds her of their promise to each other the year they turned thirteen. If neither one of them is married by thirty-five, then they will give themselves to each other in holy matrimony. A small thing as a teenager but something else entirely in your mid-thirties.

Isabel thinks herself safe, never realizing that, even after all this time, August still loves her. And has made it his mission to do everything possible to claim her.


Photograph, “Sunlight Through The Fence” by Debra and Dave Vanderlaan


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