There Was a Time, in the Beginning

They met for the first time on an open plain with no other living souls in sight.

He broached the question. “Who are you?”

She shrugged, and mountains moved. “I am who you need me to be.”

“Been here long?” A playful tease.

The mountains settled and became calm furrows. “Perhaps. There are times when I lose track of the days.”

He danced around her. “Funny that we haven’t met before. I’ve always been around and I don’t remember seeing you. Although I do get distracted.”

“You may have been too busy to take notice.”


Her sigh was boulders grinding together. “You should learn to be still, little one.”

“No way!” He batted at her. “I have too many things to do. Important business.”

“I believe that is a sign of restless energy.”

“I can be calm when I want to be. I can also be mean, vicious even.” He gave her a blustery demonstration.

Refusing to be cowed, she responded slowly. “Try all you want, and I will show you true strength.”

“Who are you?” asked the wind.

“I am Earth.”

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