Part Four

Read and try to guess: who am I?


To see you is to see love.

A love that is cherished.

A love that is innocent.

A love that is mine.

Taking you into the shadows

And keeping you there for my own.

Cherished. Innocent. Mine.

Give me all that is yours

So that I bring it into my keeping.

To suck the marrow out of life and love

And guard the prize with a snap of teeth.

To experience all that you have to offer

Without any others sniffing around.

Give me your everything.

I ache for you.

Worship you.

Am nothing without you filling me.

This loss of control.

It is a hunger

With an unquenchable thirst

With an inexplicable fire

For all.

For you.

To taste you and touch you

And devour






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