I decided to live on the edge last night and go to a concert in the park. Yes, you heard me. As odd as it sounds and after years of refusing to tour, Blondie chose to tour again and Debbie Harry’s first stop….Elmwood Park in Roanoke VA.

I’m not the crazed fan that some of my other concert goers were, though I enjoy a majority of Blondie’s music. The lyrics are catchy, spun in a web of musicality that practically begs the audience to join in. Not just join, but dominate. Dance! And I have to say that for nearly 70 years old that woman is a beast on the stage!

There is no better way to participate in such a spectacle than to muscle the way to the front. Which is exactly what I did!

Between the drums, the bass, and those magical pipes, Blondie created a magical moment that I will be forever glad to have experienced. It just goes to show that when opportunity knocks on the door, you answer! Even if it’s something so simple as a musical delight.


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