Deadly Sins

This will begin my seven part poem series on sin. I leave it to my readers to guess, although it should not be too hard?


Silken sheets on sweated skin

Soft sighs torn from slicked lips.

Watching, waiting,

Tempted, taken,

Anticipation building and threatening

To take over.

Through the windowpane she sees

Two as one.

Needing to write herself in the story,

Not yet done.

Desire burns bright in the pit of her belly

As they wait for the night to unfold.

Knowing full well the trespass she commits

And lacking all power to control.

Isn’t that the game?

The giving up, the stealing back,

Both parties playing the winner

And the loser.

It’s overwhelming.


A wild abandon of freewill.

Praying to stay in those arms only to die

A little each time.


  1. Very nice use of words. Made me want to know and read more. You used the words wisely. Opening places and thoughts for the reader. Thank you for sharing the excellent words and thoughts.

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