I will miss you, my friend

Lately it seems a tale similar to Cinderella has come true, and it could not have happened to a nicer person. My good friend and valiant coworker recently reconnected with the father she has never known. There were tears, late nights, and hours of phone calls before their initial meeting.

I admit I was hesitant when she told me just how amazing things were between them. A typical father does not set his child up for life with a business and new car after knowing them for a few weeks. I’ve known my father my whole life and I get a text on my birthday.

Though hesitant, I want to believe in fairy tales. I want to believe that everything that has been said and done comes from a good place, a genuine place. And not the dark side of a mixed up universe known as Charity Land.

Soon she will be leaving us, moving closer to dear old dad and far away from me. While I’m sad I know there are only good things ahead for both of us.

Anyway, my dear dear friend asked me to write a poem for her father as part of a beautiful hand made Christmas present. If she does not mind (I hope not!) I would like to post both versions here on this online forum. The rhyming and non rhyming, one of which I could not believe she liked as much as she did.

Thank you for being my friend. Now and always.




We meet again for the first time,

Your voice a balm on weary ears.

You speak as though you know and I suppose you do.

Then the sun rises and I still hear you.

You like to cook, and I do too,

To bake, and sing, and take long walks.

Who would have guessed the common thread

That binds us through the heart?

So odd, this feeling.

I know you, don’t I?

So connected, it happened when least expected.

Close enough to touch, to reach out and know you’ll be there.

That if I needed you would catch me.

You love me.

Now I know it.

And you know I love you too.

I finally understand where I come from.

And where we go from here.




We meet again for the first time,

And it’s like the years have gone away.

How good to hear we’re both just fine,

And know that you are here to stay.

You like to cook, and I do too,

To take long walks, and sing, and bake.

The connection, so strong and still so new,

With all these memories yet to make.

It’s good to know that you’ll be there,

To catch me if I fall.

For you to know how much I care,

Well, that would mean it all.

I finally know from where I come.

And where we go from here.

It’s you they tried to keep me from,

I’ll never disappear.

I love you dad, I really do,

For everything, you see.

So thanks again for being you,

And letting me be me.




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