Another Day, Another Rejection

As the title suggests it is, indeed, another day. Yet today stands out from the rest in that I’ve just received a rejection from an agent I put a lot of time and effort into impressing.

So what does one do?

When the rejections pile on and it seems like all hope is lost, I can say that some days are better than others. Most of the time I can brush it off and go on with writing and querying with a renewed vigor. I tell myself ‘that’s ok. How many times did authors like James Patterson or Nora Roberts get rejected? Just keep the forward momentum!’

On days like today, when I’m under the weather and missing work, it feels like a punch in the gut. A personal and very painful punch in the gut. Logically I know it is an agent’s job to find the best material out there. I understand and respect the process, absolutely.

But I’ll admit it, I’m bummed.

That’s when I came across this article. Read and see for yourself.!YZr3H

It helped me put things in a better perspective. Am I still upset? Well yes, of course. I have a dream and I want to see it realized. Will I keep going?


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