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Hello wonderful people,

Beautiful few days of weather we’ve been having here in the mountains, eh? I’ve spent the majority of time putting the rubber to the road and working on a new novel. Let’s just say the going is easy, in the beginning!

So how do we stay determined when agent after literary agent responds with ‘no, no, no?’

We keep writing!

Also, I would like to address something brought to my attention several months ago. This blog has never been, no will be in the future, a place for lewd and explicit sexual stories. I’m not sure why certain people decided to speak to my parents about my writing ‘pornography’ online, but the allegation is insulting and, frankly, untrue.

This blog is dedicated to interpersonal relationships. If those relationships should bring people together in a physical way then it is normal human nature and not to be delved into on an online forum such as this. I hope to make that abundantly clear before we go any further.

I can only hope that readers enjoy what is posted here. I will continue to endeavor in the same fashion, with prose and poetry, laughter and life.

More stories to come! I promise 😉

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