What I’ve Done

Hello all! It’s a beautiful albeit cold day here. The sun is shining but the temperature has yet to rise above 25*F. Shame, shame, as all I want is one good snow day.

Lately I’ve been throwing several balls up in the air concerning my writing career. I’ve sent out several feelers and am awaiting responses. Fingers crossed!

I came across something Chicken Soup for the Soul regarding entries for some of their upcoming projects. One in particular caught my eye. The theme for the project was dreams. What kind of dreams are out there, have any of your dreams come true, etc.

I felt it was the perfect outlet for a piece I’ve been mouldering on. Now, submission guidelines clearly state that one should not submit previously published work. However one caveat was clear; that personal blogs do not count in this category.  So I feel I am within my rights to copy said poem to this medium.

Below is the poem submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul. I do so hope it’s good enough for publication! Thank you for all your support.


I dreamed of you.

Before we met I knew

That somehow, some way,

You were mine.

Through foggy, disjointed

Sleeping images

Your hand touched mine

And I felt the heat.

There was love and there was light

And I could not wait to give myself

To the darkness.

For that was when we were together.

Then I met you and for once I understood

That dreams became reality.

Your hand touched mine

And I felt the heat.

You were my boldest desire,

My greatest shame.

Now I truly understand

That dreams lie.


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