Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a fun and fabulous holiday season! I myself had a wet Christmas up in New York. No tears, no sobbing, just some clouds and rain that lasted right up until the big day. That’s when the sun came out and lit up the town like a beacon. May everyone have a blessed last few days of 2014 and a fresh start to 2015. Let me send you off with a little poetry, my darlings!

Amazing light, the darkness gone.

I know not how or when the change

Rushed through the body, raging wildly

Like fire on a winter day.

Impending doom of lonely bust

A monster waiting to devour

Has been cast out, your hand on mine

A feeling now of sole desire.

Fallen angel, ripe with grief,

Reflection of a starry pool

That which is dreamed be made to flesh

No longer am I to play the fool.

Your warmth to drive the cold away

Affection stands alone again

Yet something hither this way comes

Unexpected from the night.

In eyes of brash azure to see

The truth of empty words made real

Willingly I step to you

Complete the circle cast.

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