Sorrow is an Emotion to Which I’m Well Inclined

When affection is desired, and alienation becomes all,

What then is the outcome?

Understanding seems little to ask in a world

Where lust is king.

This then is my desire, a destiny not achieved.

Two pieces of one whole at war with each other.

Irrationality becomes the logic of life,

Drenched in the spectrum of emotions that is a

World unto itself.

Not only that, but a danger to the unsuspecting.

I forewarn you, it is extreme.

The highest of highs, the lowest of lows, make the presence

Of happiness ever more sweet.

The awareness of the soul deep rage and sorrow sharpens

The appreciation for those rare moments,

Moments that deceive the heart into believing.

Ah! Love may exist for me.

The social butterfly at long last

Greets the wind that carries it.

Face to face.

When the pages turn,

Who again will be alone?

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