Untitled Poem

Hello again, my lovelies. I hope this week has seen happiness and smiles for everyone.

I haven’t exactly been feeling my best. Therefore I’m going to dust off an old poem, hold it up to the light, and see what kind of reaction I get. Enjoy!

Life improves with the knowledge of its antecedent.

It makes a valiant attempt at ascendency,

Riding on the winds.

I still burn for you.

Does the soul always desire what it knows

Will be its destruction?

The remembrance of silken skin

Leaving unseen brands on willing counterparts brings

Shivers of awareness to the unwilling mind, in the matter that

Domination is not always poorly wrought.

You take me back.

Embraces can be stark interpretations of

Whatever wicked web the body is attempting to weave.

The passion thrown about like a child’s toy

Needs to be tamed and taken to a time when emotions

Were not allowed to run rampant.

The fight takes rest within the place

Where the damage can be most aggressive.

Who will be the victor


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