An Ode to Past Experiences

Achilles heel?

No, more than that.

A poison seeping through the blood

One that writhes along insidiously

Infecting all it touches.

That’s what you are to me.

I’m infected by you,

Can’t seem to shake you.

The more I try the harder I fall.

And fail.

Each time I take a step forward

There are three more back.

I had done so well

Till you showed up again.

So strong, so strong,

Now tainted by your weakness.

Can’t pry you lose,

You cling to life

A parasitic form

Attracted to the innocence,

A vampire through and through.

I love you yet, I don’t know why

Keep coming to you in my mind,

Remembering the times we shared

Conveniently skipping all the bad

The good shines through so clearly


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