Just a Little Update

Wow, it’s been a busy week of work and, well, work. Aside from dragging myself to the daily grind, the days have not yet fully blossomed into the cold that’s sure to come, so there is always housework to be done. I admit to a control problem when it comes to mowing the lawn.

Hopefully everyone has had a very enjoyable week of weather, aside from a few rainy patches here and there. This week also saw the end days of a writing contest for me. I scrambled and scraped and most likely have a lot more editing to do! However, a query letter and the first 200 (practically nothing!) words have been submitted of my “completed” novel. Fingers crossed!

I’ve also submitted two poems to a Writer’s Digest Poetry contest! I like to think this is me really putting my feet down and setting in for the long haul in the world of writing, but the pesky thing about work is that it always gets in the way. I’m taking baby steps.

This coming week will see me embarking on yet another road trip with my absolutely wonderful and infinitely patient mother, this time back to my old stomping ground of South Florida. A lot of driving, a little recreation in the form of a concert (Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias, I couldn’t be happier), and a trip back north a bit to see my brothers. Work will be there when I get back! It always is…

Thus I dust off an older piece I wrote a few years back and present it to you here and now. May it tide you over until my return! Dedicated to my grandmother.


You’ve become a shade, my dear

A picture worth a thousand words.

My world, then, with you,

Is confined to the frames.

All that is left are the conversations

We cannot have,

The memories we will not make,

Surrounding me

In your ever smiling face.

Time dulls all senses

And old memories fade.

These pictures, the value of all those words,

And I just can’t remember what you were trying to say.



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