The Thunder Inside

A storm outside,

Darkening the sky,

Stealing the light,

Shaking the soul and body

With rambunctious bolts of searing energy.

Let the rain come

And let the thunder roar.

Let the wind take my breath

So that I may no longer speak your name.

Let me be so wrapped up in white hot heat

That I forget our time together.

The storm will push away

The most of you, squash the seed

Of you implanted in my mind.

Erase my memory.

The hurricane outside

Replacing the one within, and wiping me clean.

Leaving me tired, oh so weary.

The traveler on her route.

Let me rest, leave me be,

To become part of the storm outside.

Now I will darken the sky

Steal the light,

And shake your soul when the thunder roars.

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