I’m going to be taking a brief hiatus for two weeks. The mother unit and I are driving up to Boston for a friend’s wedding (hooray!) then taking a little extra time to do some sight seeing. Hopefully I’ll be coming home with some mental clarity and real maple syrup!

Here’s a poem to tide you over until I get back:

Now close your eyes and turn around

And tell me what you see.

You have to get a real good look

At what you see in me.

No peeking now

That’s half the fun

A final test for you

To look beyond the physical and recognize the true.

In my eyes have you not seen the pain I try to hide?

In my step, the stress I bear, affecting every stride?

My facial lines, my air light touch, the words are always lacking.

The solace that I wish from you not mine for the taking.

So as you describe the beauty, then I know one thing that’s clear.

Your mind is focused far away, your body’s only near.

Time is up, you turn around, the proud and victorious male.

Your eyes are open, smile wide, I cannot meet your gaze.

The game is done, the winner’s haze.

You fail.

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