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Put yourself in my place for a moment. I had my first kiss at 18, which is not exactly something to write home about. What can I say? I was waiting for the right guy, although who ever can tell the “right” one from all the wrongs is a woman I would like to meet. What I ended up with was someone three years younger who had an obsession with Japanese horror films and weird sexual fetishes. I figure we just won’t go there. Maybe a little later. Well, there’s no maybe; we’ll come to him later.

Dating is difficult. Anytime you interact with another human being its bound to bring about obstacles and situations you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter in your own sweet solitary company. So, if the definition of insane is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” then I fit the bill! In the world of dating, at least.  I am constantly attracted to ‘toxic’ men. I always choose people who either do not want to be with me or are content to use me as a filler for when they are bored or having trouble with their relationships. It’s exhausting!

When  I decided to create this blog, not only was it a good way to get my funny/awkward stories out in the open, it was a way to share what I’ve learned with other women. Everyone has to take their own journey, and sometimes it takes longer than we expect. I’m not giving up hope, and neither should you!

The good thing about going back and writing about your experiences is that you get a hard look at yourself. The bad thing is that you have to live with yourself! You look back at all the decisions you made, good and bad, and get an understanding of yourself that you wouldn’t ordinarily see. Without knowing where we’ve been its hard to go forging ahead in life and keep making the same mistakes. Trust me, I know! It was downright depressing to go back through my own experiences!

There will be more to come, of course. Everyone will have to bear with me, being new to the entire blogging world. Of course, my name and that of my numerous romantic endeavors will not be published on the internet for all to see. Instead I’ve (attempted) to come up with some awkward names that best describe the men in question. My own name, well, that will be my secret to keep for just a little bit more time 😉

So come along with me on this journey of self discovery, reliving some funny and dark moments of my adventures of trying to find love. I hope you enjoy! Always feel free to email with questions, comments, and your own quirky stories.


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